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Stacked Tire Worm Farm

Have you ever given a thought to what it must be like to be a child sitting in a dusty drab schoolroom, trying desperately to concentrate, while hunger gnaws continually at your belly. This is the daily reality for many African children, both in remote rural communities and also in …

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Farm Fencing Using Improved H Braces

Traditional H braces were notched to help support the horizontal post, and also notched to provide the support wires a channel to slide in. We are comparing the traditional H brace and the new way to construct H braces for farm fencing, showing the advantages of the latest approach. Traditional …

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The Basic Safety Equipment on a Farm

It’s unfortunately the case that there continues to be an unacceptably high level of accidents, injuries and fatalities on farms. In fact, right around the world, statistically agriculture is one of the top 3 (in some countries it’s number 1) industries for such. True, it’s a tough game and not …

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