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Take A Day Trip To A Blueberry Farm

July is when blueberries come into season, both wild and cultivated high bush. Depending on how the weather has been and which part of the country you live in, it can be anytime from the beginning of the month through the first few weeks. Here are some tips for visiting …

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A Book Review Of George Orwell’s "Animal Farm"

Animal Farm is a savage satire on communist revolution written by George Orwell. Set on an English Farm named Manor Farm, this fable-like story concerns the misery that the animals faced in the hands of human beings. The story opens with Mr. Jones, a capable farmer, stumbling into bed after …

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Dividing The Family Farm

Dividing some assets is a simple matter of math. Other assets, however, seem to pose as large a problem as the baby in the legend of King Solomon. Family farms, like that infant, are often both beloved and challenging to divide. For those who have poured years of work into …

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