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Name: HARVARD COLLEGE جامعة هارد فورد
address: Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, Committee on Transfer Admissions, or Committee on Visiting Undergraduate Admissions
 Harvard College 
86 Brattle Street 
Cambridge, MA 02138
Branches: Admissions Visitor Center 
Agassiz House
 Radcliffe Yard 
5 James Street
 Cambridge, MA 02138
Telephone: Harvard College Admissions 
617-495-1551 Harvard College Griffin Financial Aid Office
Fax: Harvard College Admissions
 617-495-8821 Harvard College Griffin Financial Aid Office
Mobile: 0
Box Office:
Postal code:
E-mail: 0@0.com

Website: http://college.harvard.edu/

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/harvardadmissions

description of the company: An Undergraduate Experience
Like No Other

HARVARD COLLEGE is a close-knit undergraduate program located within Harvard University.

With world-class faculty, a dedication to affordability, and groundbreaking research opportunities, committed scholars have all the resources they need to fulfill their academic and personal potential.

Teaching and research are intertwined at Harvard College—students contribute to research in labs and libraries and learn from faculty of the highest caliber. The breadth and depth of Harvard’s resources, from library and museum collections to engagement in the arts and athletics, remain unparalleled in higher education.

At the heart of Harvard College are the Harvard Houses, where three-fourths of students live, learn, and work together with faculty, students, and graduate students. These multigenerational communities provide personal and enriching interactions that shape students both intellectually and socially, while providing a supportive and manageably-sized home inside a larger College and University.

With a 375-year tradition of educating leaders in every endeavor, Harvard College is proud to deliver an education focused on both knowing and doing, on individual achievement and on meaningful collaboration in a supportive environment that fosters intellectual risk-taking.

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