Nile International College (NIC) مدارس النيل الدولية

There are many reasons why NIC is the right place for your child:

-NIC focuses on your child’s cultural identity as well as his/her love for their Arabic language and their country.

-NIC is committed to the well-being of your child. Our objective is to raise happy and optimistic children so we pay great attention to teachers training so that they know how to deal with children (check the teachers’ professional development section). NIC also has counselors who work with teachers and parents to make sure students are treated in the right way.

-NIC believes learning is a partnership among parents, teachers and community; this is why it offers parents professional development programs.

-NIC believes in community service activities and deals with many charity and developmental organizations to facilitate students’ involvement with their society in an attempt to prepare caring and responsible students.

-NIC deeply values and emphasizes on the importance of ethics education and spiritual growth of its students.

-NIC staff includes experienced IB consultants and trainers as well as experts in the fields of character education and positive parenting.

-NIC believes teachers are a main asset and so it seeks to hire and retain the best calibers.

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