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Name: manchester international school مانشستر انترناشونال سكول
address: 1st District, El Yasmin Services Zone 2, New Cairo, Cairo Egypt. – التجمع الاول بحي الياسمين 2 هنمشي من عند نادي بتروسبورت بشارع محور مصطفي كامل هنفضل ماشيين لحد ما هنلاقي شارع محور السادات هندخل في الشارع وناخد اول يمين المدرسة هتكون امامنا
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MIS began admitting students in 2014. Since then our priority has been to provide students with high quality education, encouraging each child to reach their full potential and to become life-long learners.

At MIS we follow the UK National Curriculum alongside the Cambridge Curriculum which are designed to allow children to develop knowledge and understanding through continuity and progression. We provide a rich and varied learning environment using stimulating and creative teaching strategies which take account of different learning styles, challenging and encouraging all of our children to become motivated and independent learners. We are committed to working in partnership with students, parents and the wider community and to encourage our students to become productive citizens in a challenging and diverse world.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Are there currently places available for students at Manchester International School?

A. There is a high demand for places at MIS and waiting lists exist for many year groups. For current information on the availability of places, please contact our Admissions Manager or telephone 011 22269926 or 012 77805830. Parents are advised to apply early for places for their children at the School.

Q. How do I apply for a place for my child at Manchester International School? What are the conditions of entry?

A. To make an application, parents must submit a completed application form at the Student Affairs Department. For further details, please click here. Students entering the School must be fluent in English, residing in Egypt and have the intellectual capacity to access the English National Curriculum.

Q. What are the class sizes at MIS?

A. The maximum number of students per class at Manchester International School is 20. In the Secondary School, some classes are very small as class size depends on the number of students selecting particular subjects from subject options.

Q. What time does school start and finish?

A. At Manchester International School, lessons for all the grades begin at 8:00 am and finish at 2:45 p.m.
Extra activities commence twice a week after school and finish at 5:00 p.m.

Q. What languages are taught at the School?

A. The English Only policy requires all the students to use English during the school day. Arabic is introduced in FS 2 and taught through to Year 12. French or German is introduced in Year 1.

Q. Are the teachers expatriates?

A. The vast majority of the faculty staff, including subject specialists, at MIS are expatriates. All have at least two years’ experience in teaching, in the UK or in other international schools and have a very good understanding of the needs of expatriate students and life in Egypt. They are recruited by the Chairman and are supported by a support staff in assistant, administrative and operational roles.

Q. What extracurricular activities do MIS offer?

A. Manchester International School offers an extensive range of Extra activities, covering creative, sporting and other interests. Full details of the current programme are published here.

Q. Do students have to wear a uniform?

A. Yes. All students at Manchester International School must wear a School uniform with black school shoes. Boys and girls in the Early Years, Primary and Secondary Schools each wear a different style of uniform from our integrated School uniform range. Uniform lists are available at our School shop and is located on the ground floor of the Education building. The Shop sells all uniforms and school supplies, with the exception of shoes, which are needed by students at the School. More details will follow soon.

Q. Does the School offer counselling to students experiencing personal problems?

A. Yes. For further details please contact or telephone 011 22269926 or 012 77805830.

Q. What if my child gets sick at school?

A. qualified doctor works at our Health Centre. This centre has beds and areas where first aid can be administered. A Nursing staff member contacts a parent or guardian if the decision is made that the student is too unwell to complete the school day or if further medical treatment is required. For more details, please click here.

Q. What is the discipline policy at MIS?

A. MIS has a comprehensive Code of Conduct for students and a system of sanctions for misbehaviour. These are outlined in full in our Handbook for Parents, which is sent to all families upon their acceptance of a place at the School.

Q. Does the School take students on school trips?

A. School study trips form part of the School curriculum at every level. An information letter together with a permission form is sent home to parents several days before the departure date. No student is allowed on any excursion unless a parent returns to the School a signed permission form. Residential school trips take place from Year 6 onwards. Further details will follow soon.

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