World Parrot Trust (WPT)

How We Work

The World Parrot Trust (WPT) has brought together global wildlife conservation and welfare specialists to direct and put into action effective programs to protect parrots. Our approach is rooted in science, and is based on decades of first hand experience in the field as well as a deep knowledge of companion parrot husbandry and care.
For wild parrots…

WPT moves quickly to address urgent issues and stays involved for as long as is required. WPT brings about meaningful and permanent change for parrots using multiple approaches, and by teaming up with in-country partners and individuals. Efforts include groundbreaking field research, hands-on conservation programs, habitat protection, education and awareness programs, encouragement of better protections for parrots, and supporting the rescue, rehabilitation and release of parrots caught in illegal trade.
For companion parrots…

To support companion parrot caregivers WPT provides information on proper care through print-based, multimedia and online resources, reaching hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts each year. WPT also encourages the adoption and re-homing of parrots from sanctuaries, to help alleviate the problem of overcrowding in these rescue facilities.

We seek a future in which the world’s parrots have the necessary and ongoing protection from human and environmental threats to persist and thrive in the wild, and receive the care they deserve from compassionate caregivers in order to flourish in captivity.

Learn more about specific WPT Programs designed to protect the world’s parrots.

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